I help nonprofits thrive and change the world.

  • Field Impact Research What are you actually accomplishing?
  • Program Evaluation Services Did you achieve what you had hoped?
  • Innovation Design & TestingHow can you know if that new idea will succeed?
  • Strategic PlanningIs your team working together on the same inspiring goals?
  • General ConsultingWhere does Michael’s expertise connect with your needs?

Elements of my consulting philosophy.

  • I bring the perspective, tools, and skills of a researcher. 
  • I believe in the power of clarity and simplicity. 
  • I don’t write to impress. I write to create understanding and impact. 
  • I care about your mission. I will strive for you to thrive. 

So now what?

  • Sign up here for Jaffarian’s Little Newsletter on Nonprofits & Research. I read a lot. I have interesting clients, that I learn from. I have conversations with smart, wise, and good people (like you). This newsletter draws from what I have done, seen, heard, and learned. I try to make it interesting and practical, and I definitely try to keep it brief, as in “little.” The plan is to send a new one every Tuesday, and sometimes a bonus one on Fridays.
  • Write me at emichaeljaffarian@gmail.com to start a conversation about how I might help your nonprofit thrive and change the world.
  • I give free, one-hour consultations. Ask.