If your organization just wants to do good things, fine, carry on. But if you want to make an impact, if you want to change the world in some small (or large!) way, then you need to assess the extent to which your activities are changing lives. That’s where research comes in. Learn More.

What are you really trying to accomplish? How are you measuring that? Responsible, professional program evaluation leads to program improvement, greater funding, and greater fulfillment of your mission. Learn More.

Maybe you know you want to measure, and report on, outcomes instead of just outputs. Maybe you know that’s what your funders, staff, and supporters want. This one-day workshop is a great way for your leaders to learn the importance, value, and methods of OBE, and to lay the groundwork for implementation.Learn More.

When you need to buy that land, build that building, fund that ambitious new initiative, or establish that endowment, you’re facing a very large, very complex task. Your staff and volunteers are already busy, and don’t have the expertise of a professional consultant. To engage outside help pays for itself many times over. Learn More.

Grant Writing

There are foundations out there keen to give money to organizations like yours, but they are weary of seeing applications that are not prepared with professional quality. An outside consultant can not just help you navigate the details of the process, but can help you tell your story in the most powerful and effective way.

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