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About Michael

About Michael.

I’m a consultant to nonprofits with an emphasis on research. I help with things like field impact assessment, program evaluation, and strategic planning. I also research and write investment prospectuses for use with major donors. I served as the executive director of a thriving nonprofit in Singapore, have worked as a professional researcher for 30 years, and have written and published 180+ articles and book contributions in the field.

Recently, many organizations have been asking for my help with outcomes-based evaluation (OBE). Outputs are the things you do. Outcomes are the changes you hope will happen in peoples’ lives as a result of the things you do. It’s easy to measure outputs. It’s harder to measure outcomes, but way more important. OBE requires research, and that’s where I come in.

Contact me to start a conversation about how I might help your nonprofit thrive and change the world.

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Things I do.


Outcomes-Based Evaluation: Workshop

How to Measure Results so as to Serve Well and Attract Major Funding

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Field Impact Assessment Design

To What Extent Are You Are Achieving Your Mission?

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Investment Prospectus

An Effective Tool for Nonprofits to Use with Major Donors

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Program Evaluation

To Serve Well, and to Attract Funding, Assess the Results of Your Work

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Theory of Change: Workshop

To Understand this Valuable Tool and Get Practice in Creating One

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Michael is also a gardener. The pictures are from his Oregon garden.