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Michael Jaffarian

Consultant + Researcher + Writer



About Michael.

I’m a consultant to nonprofits with an emphasis on research. I help with things like field impact assessment, program evaluation, and strategic planning. I also research and write investment prospectuses for use with major donors. I served as the executive director of a thriving nonprofit in Singapore, have worked as a professional researcher for 30 years, and have written and published 1 8 0+ articles and book contributions in the field. Recently, many organizations have been asking for my help with outcomes - based evaluation (OBE). Outputs are the things you do. Outcomes are the changes you hope will happen in peoples’ lives as a result of the things you do. It’s easy to measure out puts . It’s harder to measure outcomes, but wa y more important. OBE requires research, and that’s where I come in . Contact me to start a conversation about how I might help your nonprofit thrive and change the world

Learn more about Michael here. [link to my resume, PDF]

Things I Do

Outcomes-Based Evaluation: Workshop

Field Impact Assessment Design

Investment Prospectus

Program Evaluation

Theory of Change: Workshop

Phill Butler

Non-Profit Organization Management Consultant

“Michael Jaffarian brings an extraordinary range of experience and capabilities to the cause of global Kingdom initiatives. He’s worked in a wide range of geographical settings; has designed and executed countless genuinely productive research projects; and brings both the detail and wholistic perspectivet hat’s needed for organizational, strategic consulting. His current availability to the Kingdom community is a real asset!”

People Say Good Things About Me

Steve Moore

President, nexleader

“Some people are good at gathering data. Some are good at interpreting data. Some ,like Michael, are good at. both. More than once. I have gone to Michael with the question: What do these numbers mean? I’ve always found. his input helpful.  He. can do research, interpret the results,  and help youmake s sense of it all in ways that are actionable.”

Todd Johnson

Co-Director, Center for the Study of Global Christianity

“Michael’s abilities place him in a small group of analysts who can speak authoritatively about global realities in Christianity and religion. He is an excellent researcher and writer. He quickly uncovers facts and trends and writes with apenet rating clarity. His insights are backed by a life time of global interactions, in-depth reading, and analysis.”

“I highly recommend Michael to anyone seeking to make decisions using data. He has a remarkable grasp of the world and the trends driving it. At the same time, he has a unique ability to look underneath th e obvious trends for some of the unique data points that can help you see your world in new ways. His highly personal style makes even the wonkiest conversation enjoyable and rewarding . Whether he is working on major demographic publications, doing program evaluation or helping research an important pattern or behavior in the market, Michael brings clarity and professionalism.”

Jon Hirst

Chief Innovation Officer , SIL International Former President and CEO, GMI (Global Mapping International)

“Michael has given me keen insights for over 30 years. Sometimes people hesitate. to comment on “the elephant in the room.” Not Michael. That doesn’t mean he says the obvious. Quite the contrary. He is willing to be contrary, if it will help the organization.”

Rick Griffith

Professor of Bible Exposition , Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary Former Director of the D.Min. Program & Associate Professor of Biblical Studies , Singapore Bible College

“Michael Jaffarian is a significant contributor to nonprofit research in our generation. His participation in numerous research endeavors have given him a unique perspective on world need and s olutions . More than ever this authoritative perspective is needed. He is also a person who takes great interest in others. His research gift extends to all areas of life. He is a prolific writer. You should search out his writings , as they will enrich your life.”

David Markham

Founder & Project Coordinator, , Oaxaca, Mexico International Director , Alcance Una Etnia COMIBAM

"I recommend Michael for multiple reasons: (1) he thinks clearly, and asks good, fundamental questions; (2) he's curious about life and shows a wonderful capacity for lateral thinking; (3) he writes clearly, and (4) his sense of humor helps to keep difficul t issues in perspective – a great gift!”
Darrell Dorr
Contributing Editor, Frontier Ventures

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Michael Jaffarian

Consultant+ Researcher + Writer